2019 Integrated Report (Year Ended March 31, 2019)

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Individual Chapters

 P3: Financial & Non-Financial Highlights
 P5: Overview by Business and Region
 P7: Key Events in Fiscal 2019

 P9: History of Value Creation
 P11: Approach to Value Creation
 P13: Corporate Philosophy
 P15: Message from the President
 P21: Message from the Representative Director
    and Corporate Senior Executive Officer
 P23: Message from the Controlling Supervisor of
    the R&D and Intellectual Property Departments

 P25: Films & Coatings
 P29: Mobility
 P33: Healthcare & Wellness
 P37: Environment

 P41: The Basis of Value Creation
 P42: Environmental Policy & Activities
 P45: Social Policy & Activities
 P51: Governance Policy & Activities

 P59: Investor Information
 P60: Corporate Data


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