2020 Integrated Report (Year Ended March 31, 2020)

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Individual Chapters

 P1: Introduction
 P3: Principle
 P5: The Path of Value Creation

 P7: Approach to Value Creation
 P9: Materiality
 P11: Message from the President

 P17: Feature 1 Dialogue with ESG Investors
 P21: Message from the Chief Financial Officer

 P25: Strategy for each Solutions Division
 P41: Launch of New department
 P43: Feature 2 TOYOBO’s Way of Manufacturing

 P47: ESG Management
 P49: Response to COVID-19
 P50: Environmental Policy & Activities
 P55: Social Contribution Policy & Activities

 P61: Governance Policy & Activities

 P71: Key Events in Fiscal 2020
 P73: Financial Highlights
 P75: Non-Financial Highlights
 P77: Key Financial Data (FY2010–FY2020)

 P79: Financial statements
 P85: Investor Information
 P86: Corporate Data

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