2021 Integrated Report (Year Ended March 31, 2021)

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 P.03: Our Origins
 P.05: Who We Are
 P.07: Where We Are Heading
 P.09: CEO Message
 P.15: Fire prevention measures
 P.17: Response to quality fraud incidents

 P.19: Value Creation Process
 P.21: Materiality
 P.25: CSV Examples by Solution

   P.27: Director Dialogue 

           Controlling Supervisors of Corporate Planning

           and Administration Divisions

   P.31: KAERU Project: Beginning of Change

   P.33: Feature Strengthening Human Capital

   P.35: Feature Toyobo’s promotion of women’s participation

           and advancement

   P.37: Feature The Future our R&D is Creating

   P.43: Feature Films

   P.45: Feature Life Science

   P.47: Overview by Solution

 P.55: The Basis of Value Creation
 P.56: Message from the Sustainability Officer
 P.57: ESG Management
 P.58: Environmental Policy & Activities

   P.66: Social Contribution Policy & Activities

   P.75: Governance Policy & Activities

     Management Team

   P.79: Corporate Governance

 P.89:   Key Events in Fiscal 2021
 P.91:   Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
 P.103: Investor Information and Corporate Data

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