2023 Integrated Report (Year Ended March 31, 2023)

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P.01: Corporate philosophy framework "TOYOBO PVVs"
P.02: Contents

P.03: Editorial policy 

P.05: CEO Message
P.08: Value creation process
P.09: The history of Toyobo

P.10: At a glance
P.11: Financial highlights 

P.12: Sustainability highlights

P.13: Sustainable Vision 2030

P.15: Materiality

P.19: CFO message 

P.21: 2025 Medium-Term Management Plan

P.25: Innovation

P.29: Toward digital transformation

P.32: Overview by business
P.33: Films
P.36: Life Science
P.39: Environmental and Functional Materials

P.42: Feature: Launch of TOYOBO MC Corporation

P.44: Functional Textiles and Trading

P.48: Sustainability management
P.51: Disclosure based on TCFD recommendations
P.55: Environment

P.61: Society

P.69: Governance

P.79: Key financial data (FY2013-FY2023)
P.81: Corporate data

P.82: External recognition,third-party assurance report

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