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  • When was Toyobo established?

    Toyobo began business operations as a textile company in 1882. With "Adhering to reason leads to prosperity" as our company philosophy, Toyobo has worked to adapt to the changing times over the course of its history of more than 130 years and has continued to develop as it has changed its lines of business.

     At present, based on its core technologies, which are polymerization, modification, processing and biotechnology, Toyobo has accumulated a diverse range of technologies, including those related to films, functional polymers, industrial materials, and life science. With these technologies as a platform, Toyobo has undergone a major transformation to become a manufacturer of high-function products and is continuing to grow.


    Looking to the future, Toyobo will work to be “The category leader, continuing to create new value that contributes to society in the environment, life science, and high-function products fields” and continue to build a strong company with growth potential and stable profitability.

     Moreover, as the business environment continues to change, Toyobo is moving forward with continual efforts to reform its business portfolio and expand its operations globally as it boldly takes up the challenge of moving to new growth stages.

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  • What is Toyobo's corporate philosophy?

    Toyobo remains faithful to one of the personal mottoes of its founder: Junri-Sokuyu ("Adhering to Reason Leads to Prosperity"). This principle runs continuously through Toyobo's approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), compliance, and corporate governance. It has remained a guiding spirit in Toyobo's transformation into a manufacturer of high-function products.

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  • What corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities is Toyobo engaged in?

    The Toyobo Group, recognizing that companies are members of society, actively should fulfill its social responsibilities in order to continue to be a trusted corporation. We contribute to the creation of a sound, sustainable society by providing it with useful products and services.

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  • What is the status of Toyobo's corporate governance initiatives?

    To respond to the changing times and improve sustainable corporate value, Toyobo has established the policies of (1) ensuring timeliness and accuracy in decision-making, (2) ensuring transparency in management, and (3) emphasizing fairness. Based on these principles, we are working to strengthen group governance, as well as our risk management and compliance structures.

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