The following table provides a list of analysts of securities companies and research agencies

   who provide recommendation and comment on the Toyobo’s performance, etc.


As of April 25, 2024

Company (Alphabetical order)


 IwaiCosmo Securities Co.,Ltd.

 Kazuyoshi Saito

 Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

 Mikiya Yamada

 Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd.

 Yusho Yoshitake

 Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

 Takashi Nishihira

Tokai Tokyo Intelligence Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Shuuichi Nakahara


*  Cautionary Statement

    This table is presented here for the purpose of introducing those analysts who cover Toyobo.

    This information has not been provided for the purpose of soliciting or recommending the buying and

    selling of Toyobo’s shares. Toyobo urges that the final decision regarding investment

    should be based on the judgment and responsibility of the individual investor.