Basic policy for dialogue with shareholders are as follows:

Basic policy for dialogue with shareholders

The Company constructs a system and takes efforts related to IR (including SR) to promote constructive dialogue between investors and shareholders (including beneficial shareholders) based on the below policy in order to continuously improve corporate value.

Controlling supervisors

Appointing Executive Officers who control IR operations as controlling supervisors, the Company constructs a system and takes efforts to generate constructive dialogue.

Sufficient opportunities for dialogue

The Company implements the below measures for sufficient opportunities for dialogue.
- Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
- Earnings briefings, etc. (for analysts and institutional Investors)
- Disclosure for related information on the Company’s website

Execution of individual dialogue

In addition to the measures above, when the Company determines that it is beneficial to the medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value and sustainable growth of the Company, it also conducts individual dialogue after selecting appropriate responders on a case-by-case basis, while taking into consideration fairness in information disclosure.
Furthermore, in dialogue, from the perspective of ensuring effectiveness, the Company conducts surveys on shareholder structure on a regular basis.

Method of feedback

Executive Officers controlling IR operations report information gained by dialogue to the Board of Directors, etc.

Cooperation with internal departments which assist dialogues

The department in charge of IR operations cooperates with the Accounting and Control Department and other related departments and summarizes the content, etc. of the dialogues while sufficiently taking into consideration management of insider information.

Management of insider information

The management of insider information is handled in accordance with the disclosure policy posted on the Company’s website.

IR related materials

The Company’s website includes the flowing data to contribute to dialogues, etc. In light of the ratio of foreign shareholders, the Company also works to provide information in English.

- Consolidated Financial Report

- Presentation materials for earnings briefings

  Videos, audio recordings and scripts of presentations (H1 and year-end earnings)

  Presentation script and outline of questions

- Materials for medium-term management plan

- ESG Meeting materials

- Consolidated Financial Statements

- Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders

- Extraordinary Reports (voting results)

- Newsletter to Shareholders

- Factbook

- Integrate Report