Established in September 2018

Revised in July 2022

1. Basic Policy

Our basic policy regarding corporate communication with stakeholders is “to promote active communication while striving to disclose appropriate information in a fair, impartial and timely manner.” We pay particular attention to:

a. Information disclosure as social responsibility (accountability)

b. Communication to prevent impairment to corporate value


As part of this policy, we will promote interactive communication with all shareholders and investors to enhance corporate value.


2. Disclosure Standards

We will disclose information in accordance with laws and regulations including the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (hereinafter “laws and regulations”), and the rules on timely disclosure of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter “disclosure rules”).


In addition to information disclosure based on laws and regulations and disclosure rules, we will also actively disclose information deemed useful for deeper understanding of the Group and information on matters that could affect stakeholders.


3. Disclosure Methods

We will disclose the disclosure documents pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act using EDINET, provided by the Financial Services Agency, and we will disclose information pursuant to disclosure rules using TDnet, provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Both kinds of information will be then promptly posted on the Toyobo website.


Moreover, for other information, we will, as much as possible, conduct impartial and broad-ranging information disclosure by posting such information on the Toyobo website, staying true to the intent of fair disclosure rules.


4. Disclosure Structure

We have set General Manager of IR Group as a person responsible for information handling and the IR Group as an organization responsible for information disclosure. Proposal of important maters will be issued by responsible department and, after passing through the Board of Managing Executive Officers and Controlling Supervisors and being approved in the Board of Directors, the information will be promptly and timely disclosed.
In addition, when we determine that it is beneficial to the medium-to long-term improvement of corporate value and sustainable growth of the Company, it conducts individual dialogue after selecting President, CFO, or appropriate responders on a case-by-case basis, while taking into consideration fairness in information disclosure.

5. Prevention of Insider Trading

When handling information defined as material information under the disclosure rules, we will treat such information as insider information until it is disclosed using TDnet. After disclosing by TDnet, we will then promptly post this information on the Toyobo website.


6. Quiet Period

To prevent leakage of information on the settlements of accounts (including quarterly settlements) and ensure impartiality, we shall employ a quiet period beginning on the day following the final day of the fiscal term until the day that the operating results of the fiscal term are announced. During this time we will refrain from providing answers to comments or questions concerning the settlement of accounts and the operating results forecasts. However, the restriction of the quiet period does not apply to any information that was already disclosed prior to the quiet period.


7. Forward-Looking Statements

Among the disclosed information, the forward-looking statements and operating results forecasts indicate our assessment based on information available at the time of disclosure and include risks and uncertainties. The actual results and performance may differ significantly from the forecasts, etc. due to various factors.


8. Information Disclosure to Third Parties and Operating Results Forecasts
  by Third Parties

We make reference to only information that is publicly available, such as previously disclosed facts, well-known facts and information regarding the general business environment for institutional investors, analysts, etc. In addition, we never endorse any comments, forecasts of business results, etc. made about the Company by third parties. However, if it is determined that a third party has made a serious factual error or mistake, we may point out the misunderstanding, etc. regarding the relevant facts.


9. Purpose of the Company’s Website

We have established an Investor Relations section on the Company’s website in order to provide IR information to all shareholders and investors in a fair and timely manner, and to deepen their understanding of the Company.


Regarding disclosed information, as a general rule, we will post the information on the Company’s website as soon as possible after the information is disclosed. However, please understand that there may be a delay in posting due to technical difficulties with telecommunications or other problems, and the Company may not post all of the disclosed information in some cases.


Moreover, when searching for information about the Company on this website, please refer to the separate Disclaimer,            in addition to this Disclosure Policy.

Information Disclosure Structure