Date: 21, February, 2024

■WEB conference (in Japanese)


    1. Sustainable Vision 2030
    2. Environment
    3. Innovation
    4. Human Capital and Human Rights

    5. Safety and Disaster Prevention, Quality

    6. Governance 


    Ikuo Takeuchi, President & Representative Director

    Hiroshi Fukushi, Outside Director

    Nobuya Fujiwara, Managing Excutive Officer, Head of Corporate Sustainability Division



Date: 05, March, 2021

■WEB conference (in Japanese)


    1. Our Sustainability Concept

    2. Management Base: Safety, Disaster Prevention, Quality and Corporate Governance

    3. Ability to Provide Solutions (contribution through our business)

    4. Concept of the Next Medium-Term Management Plan: Realization of Sustainability Management

    Seiji Narahara, President & Representative Director, CEO & Co-COO
    Ikuo Takeuchi, Director & Managing Executive Officer, Controlling Supervisor of Corporate Planning Division
    Chikao Morishige, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Head, Films and Functional Materials Solutions Division