2018 Annual Report (Year Ended March 31, 2018)

TOYOBO's Value Creation
  P2: History of Our Growth and

            Busines Domains
  P4: Toyobo's Value Creation
  P6: Financial Highlights
  P7: Non-Financial Highlights


  P8: Message from the President
  P9: Message from the Corporate

            Senior Executive Officer
  P10: Overview of 2014 Medium-Term

              Management Plan
  P11: 2018 Medium-Term Management Plan


  P12: Business Segments and Fields
  P17: Business Overview by Region / Topics
  P20: Research and Development Strategy
  P21: Intellectual Property Strategy


  P22: ESG Initiatives
  P23: Environment
  P26: Society
  P28: Governence
  P36: Investor Information
  P37: Corporate Data


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